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Accident Prevention

Safety Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents

Driver, keeping yourself safe on the road is essential not only for you, but for the other motorists on the road. Improving the safety of your driving can ensure your protection and well-being but also can significantly reduce the amount of truck accidents, injuries, and insurance costs. Yes, accidents do happen, but the truth is that the majority of all the accidents are preventable. Read these essential safety tips from L&J to minimize the risk of an accident and make yourself feel confident on the road.

Maintain Your Vehicle

The Department of Transportation requires truck drivers to perform a thorough inspection before each trip on their equipment prior to trip departure. Checking brakes, lights, tires on both truck and trailers, check under the truck for dripping oil or any other leaks. Schedule preventative maintenance, if needed. While travelling make sure the load you are hauling is well secured and balanced.

Plan Your Trip

Always have a route planned before you head out. This simple task will give you a piece of mind. Plan how many hours you are going to drive overall in the trip and each day. Check weather reports to be aware of weather conditions along the way. The more prepared you are, the safer your trip will be.

Practice Defensive Driving

All drivers are encouraged to practice defensive driving, a form of driving when you are constantly looking for potential hazards, any changes in road conditions and distracted drivers. When using defensive driving techniques, you significantly decrease the chance to be involved in accident, that makes you less worried about insurance increases, fines, and repair costs. These techniques including:

-always signal when changing lane

-watch for blind spots in your mirror every 8-10 seconds

-scan ahead about 15-20 seconds for any hazards or traffic issues

-abate road-rage

Avoid Distractions

According to FMCSA distracted driving is the number 1 cause of truck accidents. Texting, eating, drinking, map reading or any other activity that takes driver’s focus off the road are considered as deadly distractions. Moreover, texting while driving is now illegal in 48 states. Always keep your eyes on the road, not on the cellphone, it could save lives.

Get Enough Sleep

All commercial drivers are required by law to take certain breaks before they start driving. Driving when you are fatigued is dangerous for you and other motorists on the road. If you feel drowsy pull over and get a rest. Drowsiness impacts your ability to make right decisions and react quickly while driving.

Contact the Customers for Directions

Do not fully rely on GPS. Before you are going to deliver your load, contact the customer for detailed directions and compare it with what the GPS is telling you. It can save you time and headache on the road for many reasons. It decreases your chances of driving in residential area or in the areas with low bridges and tight corners.

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