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Benefits of Becoming an Owner Operator

If you are considering a career as a truck driver you may have wondered what benefits come with being an owner operator or lease purchaser. Is it worth it? Yes, and here is what we think the top reasons are to become an owner-operator.

You Can Save On Taxes

There are many tax benefits for owner-operators. Expenses, like bank -fees, maintenance, travel expenses, and per diem are deductible for most owner-operators. If you lease your truck, your lease payments are also deductible. Owner-operators can take advantage of all these tax breaks and increase their cash flow. It is important to stay up to date on tax policy especially if you are doing your taxes by yourself.

You Control Your Costs

Fuel is a major cost and when you are an owner operator you want to be as fuel efficient as possible. Efficiency means more money in your pocket. As a L&J owner operator you will have the benefit of a fuel discount program. This program will save you thousands of dollars each year. In addition to fuel, you can create your own route. This ability can be a tremendous cost saver from tolls to MPG efficiency. It also allows you to control the wear and tear on your vehicle limiting the amount of maintenance required in the future.

You Have More Freedom

This is the most common reason why people become an owner-operator. You always have a choice and because of that ability you set your own schedule.

You Have Your Own Truck

When you are a truck driver your truck is your home, especially when you are long haul driver. L&J Logistics offers late model trucks for lease through our affiliates with low payments and no credit required.

You Earn More Money

When you are an independent contractor (owner operator) you are paid a percentage of the line haul and not by the mile like most company drivers. The average annual gross earing of an owner-operator in the United States is roughly $100,000 to $160,000.


Becoming an owner operator means to have more responsibility but in reward you will take your business to the next level. There are many logistics companies that help build your business, but they are not created equally. L&J offers benefits that experienced truck drivers are looking for, like a fuel discount program, lease purchase program, layover overpay and others.

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