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How to Keep Your Warehouse Safe

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The warehouse may seem safe, but it is very dangerous and is riddled with hazards. These hazards create many opportunities for an accident to occur. It is imperative that all warehouse employees understand these dangers and take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and others safe. The best and most efficient way to accomplish this is through Warehouse Safety Training. Training will be held on a regular basis to ensure that each employee understands the warehouse procedures and the proper methods to operate warehouse equipment. These trainings are vital to the safety of our employees and is a top priority of our organization.

Here are some important warehouse safety tips:

· Always keep the warehouse clean and organized.

· Equipment must be routinely cleaned and maintained

-This includes monthly or quarterly PMs (Preventive Maintenance)

· Employees must be trained and certified to operate the Forklift

· Never leave anything in an aisle way (cords, wires, tools, or any other items)

· Always report structural damage immediately (Flooring, Walls, Ceiling, and etc)

· Always keep the warehouse well lit

· Always keep safety signs visible including pictograms

· Never sit or stand in an aisle way

· Do not block fire exits and fire extinguishers

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